How to choose the right sanding disc?

What is an abrasive disc?

flap disc-Abrasive Tool

Sand discs are part of the sander and can actually do all the hard work. There are many different angle grinder sanding disc backing pad available for different jobs, and for anyone who needs to use a sander at work or at home, it’s important to know the exact type of work you have to do.

Choosing the right wheel is critical to this job, as failure to do so can result in poor quality finishes or damage to the parts you want to polish. Fortunately, we have a variety of different types of sanding discs, and there are a variety of stocks to meet your requirements, no matter what they are.

Using all the different types of electric drill sanding disc on the market today can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, this guide details the various grinding wheels offered by Binic Abrasives and the most suitable grinding wheels. We will help you ensure that you use the right grinding wheel every time to get the job done, so you minimize the damage to your inventory while maximizing your value for money.


Ordinary disc tool

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is one of the most popular tools owned by most manufacturers. An angle grinder is a hand-held power tool that plugs into a power outlet and has new tools for use with lithium batteries. The main difference between most angle grinders is their power size and switch type. Many welders prefer paddle triggers rather than switches because they are safer if your hands are removed from the grinder.

The angle grinder is so popular because it can be modified to accommodate many different types of grinding wheels, cutting wheels and even polishing wheels. Like many discs on the market, angle grinders come in many different sizes.

Angular sanders are popular, but it is very dangerous if proper precautions are not taken when using them. Always use guards when engaging the grinder. Do not wear loose clothing when grinding and always wear the appropriate PPE.

Mold grinding machine

Mold grinders are usually pneumatic, but there are also electric options. Grinding machines of this type typically use smaller angle grinder sanding disc backing pad, such as rotating wheels or micro-cutting wheels. The die grinder is not only smaller than a typical angle grinder, but also rotates much faster. There are two types of conventional mold grinders that are equipped with straight or angular bodies.

The tool is popular because it provides fast work in hard-to-reach places. When using a mold mill with a grinding wheel, be sure to use the correct pad.

Orbital sander

The hand tool can be moved in a circular motion to avoid leaving whirl marks on the workpiece. Random just means that the disc will move left and right when it is rotated. Both types of track sanders are used for finishing and polishing, usually without grinding. This type of sander uses a thinner paper or cloth disc with a sticky or shackle on the back. This tool is a favorite of woodworking and body professionals.

Fixed disc sander

Fixed disc sanders can usually be found on pedestals, work benches or combined grinders. These disc sanders typically require a more robust PSA disc ranging in size from 6 inches to 14 inches. Unlike other types of sanders that require you to hold the machine and apply pressure to the workpiece, the abrasive wheel will rotate and the user will apply pressure to the wheel when the workpiece is placed slightly forward.

Best sandding disc for different applications

1.Resin fiber discs

Resin fiber discs are commonly used for mixing, grinding, deburring and finishing metals. Usually used in angle grinders with suitable liners. Resin fiber electric drill sanding disc are durable and abrasive, and are manufactured to be used in a variety of applications, from surface mixing to removal of large amounts of waste. The sturdy fiber backing increases the strength of the disc and ensures that the disc remains rigid during use, reducing the chance of errors and breaks.
Fiber optic discs with a central hole for mounting are the most popular type of disc for electric or pneumatic right angle grinders. Resin fiber discs are a good choice for those who want to remove rust and burrs from various metals such as steel.
Resin fiber discs are an excellent cost-effective alternative to other types of sanding discs. Available in a variety of sizes, sizing and materials, making it ideal for many different applications.



Silicon Carbide – Stone Grinding


  • The flaps are innovative silicon carbide grinding wheel that use coated abrasives. This gives you more versatility and gentler grinding. These electric drill sanding disc are used in angle grinders and are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and sizes. They are one of the most popular abrasives for welders and metal processors because of their ability to level welds, remove scale, rust and effectively remove billets.
  • The flap disc consists of a small piece of sandpaper fixed to a strong backing. They are not made of a single piece of sandpaper, but are made of multiple pieces of sandpaper. This not only improves the effectiveness of the disc, but also increases the durability of the disc.
  • Depending on the roughness of the paper used, the flaps are ideal for removing rust or polished metal from metal. The flaps are ideal for steel, aluminum and a lot of other metals. Two common styles of flaps are Type 27 (flat) and Type 29 (profile). For those who wish to polish or polish metal surfaces, flip-top wheels are an elastic choice and value for money due to their rugged construction.

3.Shackle sanding disc

The shackle sanding disc is made of cloth or paper and its backing material is different from Velcro. There is a hook and loop system for securing the disc to the sander. This makes it very easy to replace a disc without sacrificing the quality of the disc used. If your sander is not suitable for use with shackles and discs, you can purchase conversion mats to make them suitable for your sander.

4.Hook and loop sandpaper

The most common shape of hook and loop sandpaper is the electric drill sanding disc. Hook-and-loop discs are very versatile, and in a sense you can buy a wide range of grinding discs from coarse to fine. This means that they are suitable for all kinds of work from wood to metal and almost all surfaces between the two.

5.Quick change discs

Quick change discs are the preferred choice for grinding, deburring and mixing in small areas and narrow corners. The easy-to-use fastening system makes quick-change discs ideal for users looking for maximum productivity. Quick change discs are typically used in a variety of applications on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. For example, a quick change disc can be used to remove the weld and prepare a piece of carbon steel for the next step of production.
These quick change discs come in a variety of sizes and grades, making them ideal for routine sanding, such as mixing, hemming and removing machine marks. These discs are best for smaller jobs, while PSA discs are suitable for longer, longer-lasting jobs.

6.PSA disc
PSA (abbreviation for pressure sensitive adhesives) is a viscous sheet suitable for large jobs that may wear sandpaper. These types of discs are suitable for long-term use and are used in many workshops until the abrasive is completely consumed. PSA discs are best suited for use on wood, fiberglass or metal, depending on the roughness of the selected disc.
Usually sold in package or box form. PSA discs are very popular among woodworking and body professionals who typically work on flat surfaces.
Buy PSA disc

Semi-flexible discs are extremely flexible discs designed for the toughest jobs. They can use the less sturdy discs for the most aggressive cutting on stone and iron, which can be difficult for you to do. Semi-flexible discs are durable and have an extremely long service life.
Only the best materials can make semi-flexible discs that we stock, so you can be sure that they are competent for any job you decide to throw at them. The contoured surface of the semi-flexible disc is professionally designed to remove large amounts of waste over a wide range of applications. These discs come in different sizes, so there are definitely stocks to meet your requirements. Buy a semi-floppy disk

8.Surface treatment tray
Surface adjustment discs are often used to reduce processing time. They do this by combining multiple grit sequences into one convenient step. Such discs are commonly used to polish, mix, finish and deburr various different types of metals. Some of the outstanding features of this type of grinding wheel include minimizing loading and unloading time, significantly reducing heat build-up, reducing worn wheel edges and particle shedding, and extending the life of the disc compared to other types of sandpaper.
Workshop surface treatment tray

Tips for using sanding disc

  • Different sandpapers require different liners. It is important to use a liner that is compatible with the machine and the sandpaper being used.
  • Angle grinders and other tools come with a shroud for a reason. Be sure to always reinstall the shield before opening the device.
  • Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn whenever the disc is used.
  • Grinding and grinding releases very small particles into the air, some of which can be very dangerous when inhaled. Be sure to wear a respirator and keep it well ventilated.
  • Let the disc do the work, don’t put too much pressure
  • Grinding discs, accessories (such as backing plates) and actual sanding discs are available for different RPMs. It is important to verify that all devices are working within the same RPM range.
  • To get the most out of the electric drill sanding disc, be sure to clean it properly after each use. This can be done with a angle grinder sanding disc backing pad cleaning rod.

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