What is concrete grinding?

What is concrete grinding?

Concrete cutting is achieved using a cutoff wheel tool combined with a diamond attachment on the rough concrete surface.

It can be wet or dry ground. We prefer to grind in wet conditions to reduce the negative health effects of dust.

Why is it so important?

Before installing the floor or tile, the concrete below may be rough and even with paint or epoxy. It can be difficult to install various floors on top of it. Once polished and showing a smooth surface, any alternative floor can be easily installed.

Preparing the floor before using tiles or hardwood is the biggest way to ensure the life of the floor. If the floor is to be sanded, it is especially important because the quality of the concrete will show up.

Advantages of milled concrete

Restoring concrete surface
Milled concrete eliminates all defects and inconsistencies in the concrete, resulting in a smooth, usable surface. Old and damaged concrete surfaces can be restored to their former glory and can be used for years.

Remove paint, epoxy, dirt
Grinding removes paint, epoxy, dirt and other residues from the concrete. The grinder rubs on the top layer of the floor, leaving a smooth surface.

Easy to install flooring (tiles, floors, carpets, etc.)
Once the grinding is completed and the smooth surface is retained, any type of floor option can be easily installed. Floor preparation is critical to the life of any type of floor.

Suitable for warehouse
For warehouses or houses, concrete is the ultimate floor choice. We have talked about the benefits to families and children, but we have not yet covered the meaning of the warehouse. Milled concrete ensures that the floor is in perfect working condition. Taking into account the high flow characteristics of the warehouse, it not only ensures the life of the floor, but also ensures its durability.

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