BINIC Eco plus Flap Discs

Binic Abrasive produce Eco plus Flap Discs for customer. We have size from diameter 100mm(4”) until Diameter 180mm(7”), and the Grit from 40 to 120.

Eco plus

With Increased Flaps Number

  • The support of the abrasive band consists of a consists of a contton which shows an outstanding removing rate and excellent-without clogging up.
  • The glass fibre backing is characterizes by an grinding finish up to the complete consumption of the abrasive grain. As a result, no scratched on the workpiece will appear.


Image Inch Metric(mm) Type Grit
Zirconia Aluminium – Stainless Steel & Metal 4”x5/8” 100×16 T27/29 ZA40-120#
4.5”x7/8” 115×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
5”x7/8” 125×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
6”x7/8” 150×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
7”x7/8” 180×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#