The Quality of Flap Discs:BINIC Eco plus

Eco plus

With Increased Flaps Number


*The support of the abrasive band consists of a consists of a contton which shows an outstanding removing rate and excellent-without clogging up.

*The glass fibre backing is characterizes by an grinding finish up to the complete consumption of the abrasive grain. As a result, no scratched on the workpiece will appear.



Image Inch Metric(mm) Type Grit
Zirconia Aluminium – Stainless Steel & Metal 4”x5/8” 100×16 T27/29 ZA40-120#
4.5”x7/8” 115×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
5”x7/8” 125×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
6”x7/8” 150×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
7”x7/8” 180×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#