Max Flap Discs

Binic Abrasive produce Max Flap Discs for customer. We have size from diameter 100mm(4”) until Diameter 180mm(7”), and the Grit from 40 to 120.

Ceramic Aluminium Oxide Stainless Steel & Metal


  • Sighificantly impproves life,grain retention and fray resistance.
  • Cool, noticeably fast cut rate.
  • Produced with new technique raw material,stable and extremely high efficiency.
  • Very aggressive and consistent, New resin system for high grain retentioncut rate Maximum contact with workpeice without loading.
  • Fine finishing primarily on flat surfaces.
  • Last 50% -200% longer than any grinder flap disc on stainless steel, cobalt and other hard-to-grind materials.
Product advantage:
  • Overlong durability
  • High cutting speed
  • Comfortable grinding experience
  • Burr-free
  • Sharp


Image Inch Metric(mm) Type Grit
Ceramic Aluminium Oxide Stainless Steel & Metal 4”x5/8” 100×16 T27/29 C40-120#
4.5”x7/8” 115×22.2 T27/29 C40-120#
5”x7/8” 125×22.2 T27/29 C40-120#
6”x7/8” 150×22.2 T27/29 C40-120#
7”x7/8” 180×22.2 T27/29 C40-120#